Toni Cowan-Brown
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Formula 1 commentator

A San Francisco-based tech and Formula 1 commentator examining the crossovers with tech, politics, F1 and internet culture, Toni has spent over a decade working in tech and politics. An avid motorsports content creator who sits at the intersection of tech, internet, culture and politics. Uniquely, Toni has created a highly engaged non-traditional digital-first community around motorsports; this is most evident through her cultural platform Sunday Fangirls, created with the aim of having the hard conversations about diversity, representation and inclusion in sports.

Toni is obsessed with how and why we consume the content we do, and how it shapes our world view. She co-hosts two unscripted podcasts and hosts weekly streams on Twitch/YouTube and TikTok. Toni was named by The Drum as one of the UK's 30 under 30 in digital.

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