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Work on the Move

Work on the Move

Reimagining Work

This week on Know What You See, we explore the growing category of remote workers known as “digital nomads”, people who not only work remote, they work from constantly changing locations. With more people transitioning from their jobs, reconsidering their work-life balances and leaving urban areas, digital nomads working in the knowledge sector are searching for more freedom and flexibility. On this episode, Brian speaks with Margaret Lilani of Upwork, a platform for talent acquisition, and Trendel Lightburn, who has been working remotely while moving from city to city.

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Whether we think about them or not, the people and institutions around us influence every aspect of our lives. In our workplaces, families, churches, and simply walking down the street every day, there are hidden social forces that affect our every move and influence our outcomes. Brian Lowery is a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a social psychologist by training. Join Brian for Know What You See where he talks to people from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives about their experiences with the social forces framing our world.

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